$500 Facebook Ads Testing Strategy

$500 Facebook Ads Testing Strategy

Step 1: Open Facebook business manager

Select “Create Ad” to get started

Step 2: Select the “Conversions” objective


Turn on CBO And set your daily budget to 10% of your total testing budget
This will allow you to be able to test for a minimum of at least 10 days with the total testing budget. 
Ex: Total Budget For Testing - $500
Daily Budget For Campaign - $50 ( $500 x 10%)

 Step 3: Optimize for “Purchase” Pixel Event 

Step 4: Location

Change the location to: 
People living in this Location
United States 
United Kingdom
And, exclude the following:
Leave age and gender as is

Step 5: Pick an Interest

Select detailed targeting closely related to your product.
For example, if you are running ads for a lamp it would be a good idea to start by testing out the interest "lamp"

Step 6: Select "Feeds" Placements Only

Unless you have creatives that are optimized for each creative, deselect everything except Facebook and Instagram feeds.

Step 7: Upload Your Creatives

Make sure you have at least 3 different creatives to test. We suggest having 2 video ads and one image ad or just 3 different video ads in total.
For this step just upload one creative, then duplicate it twice.
After duplicating, you should have a total of 3 ad creatives for this one adset.

Step 8: Duplicate Adsets 

Once you complete one adset duplicate it a total of 9 times so there are 10 adsets in total.

Step 9: Change The Other Interest

Once you have 10 total interest go through and change each interest so they are all separate. Be sure to change each interest to keywords that are similar to your product/niche. 
Ex: Niche - Dogs
Interest 1 - Dog grooming
Interest 2 - Bark box
Interest 3 - Dog Walking
Interest 4 - Dogs 
Interest 5 - Dog food
Interest 6 - Golden Retriever
Interest 7 - Labordoddle 
Interest 8 - French bulldog
Interest 9 - Dog training
Interest 10 - Dog behavior 

Step 10: Let It Run And Relax

Once you're finally done with creating your campaign you should have a total of 10 adsets, and 30 creatives ( 3 creatives per adset). Now it’s time to let your campaign run for a total of 3 days so you can gather data and determine if you’re ready to move on to the next step.


Take Action!

Now that you have a strategy on how to test products it’s time to get started. If you do not have a store yet, be sure to check out our store building service! We will completely build your store for you with a premium theme and winning products that our team of experts picked out. 

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