Custom Store Build | Choose Your Category

Choose Your Niche!
Having trouble finding a niche that fits you? With our Custom Store build option you get the chance to choose any niche you want. Just tell us your desired business name and the niche you want to enter, then let us take care of the rest. Get started now with our best value option while it's on sale!

Please note that this option is outside of the 24 hour work realm due to the labor required. The time frame for a typical Custom Store Build will vary depending on the specifications of the project. Also please be sure to include any specific request you may have within the order notes on the add to cart page. Thank you in advance and we're looking to help you get started ASAP. 
Overall Cost:
One huge upside attached to Dropshipping  is the low overhead cost and barrier to entry. In contrast to the traditional retail business model, you are not required to stock any physical products yourself. Although, of course you will still have some small fees to cover before you start. Here's a list we've laid out for you to view (some are optional but highly recommended in starting).

  •  Fully customized site with 10-15 products - $125 Flat Rate
  •  Shopify Basic Plan - $29/month
  •  Custom Logo - Included
  •  Domain Registration - Included
  •  Currency Converter Plugin - Included
What will you receive?
  •  Fully built Shopify store
  •  Currency Converter Plug-in
  •  Custom Domain 
  •  Custom Logo 
  •  10-15 products 
Why Choose Us?
You're in good hands! We're Shopify partners with experience with running profitable Shopify Stores. We take care of all the stress and uncertainty of starting your new, brave journey as an entrepreneur. Just pick your niche and get started!

Accepted payments on your store:
Apple Pay, Google Pay, Paypal, Credit Card/Debit Card
Your customers have a wide range of options to pay for your products. Allow your customers a quick checkout with Paypal. If they choose to use their card the payment will be transferred to your bank within 7 days.