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What's so special about this store?

The metrics that matter...

Rising Trend Line:

The main product has a rising trend line as displayed on google trends. This is important because stable trend lines are often indicators that a product/niche has potential longevity which is an essential factor in establishing a longterm brand. 

High Order Volume:


Through using the free Aliexpress dropshipping center tool, you can easily determine if other drop shippers have been successfully selling the product which is very important when determining if a product has the potential to be successful. There are also various listings for the same product with thousands of orders each.

 Successful Competitors:

From our research, we have found multiple competitors selling a similar product successfully. The companies that we've come across have active ads that have been running since 2019 - 2020 which indicates that they have been successfully selling the products.


What's included with this store?

  • Custom Domain Name
  • Professional Logo 
  • Winning Product

The Numbers:

  • Gross Profit Margin: 52% | $46.18+

  • Potential Retail Price: $89+ 

Why buy instant transfer stores?

Success loves speed! That's why we've saved you as much time as possible by setting up as many things as possible for you - making it as easy as possible for you to get started making sales. We've given you the store with intensive research, custom-designed logo, branded marketing materials, and most importantly - a winning product.

Disclaimer: This store will not be replicated. Once the store is bought we will not relist it.