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What's Included

  • Hot Selling Product
  • Reliable Supplier
  • Professionally Designed Logo
  • Custom Domain
  • Beautifully Designed Store
  • Converting Prodcut Description

Store Delivery

Congratulations on your new online store! Here are the steps to receive your store:

Step 1) Once you place your order, you will receive an email from '' to create a staff account within 1-3 hours.

Step 2) After creating your staff account, you will receive an additional email that will allow you to choose a Shopify plan and give you 100% ownership of your store.

We hope this process is smooth and easy for you, and we wish you the best of luck with your new business venture!


Monthly Cost

  • $29/Month Shopify Subscription
  • Online Store $699 (One Time Payment)
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Why Buy

Store Password: "12345"

Steady Trend Line

The main product has a rising trend line as displayed on google trends. This is important because rising trend lines are often indicators that a product/niche has potential demand and people are activley looking for the product.

The Numbers...

Gross Profit Margin: 30% | $30+

Potential Retail Price: $98+

Successful Competitors

Based on our research, we have identified several competitors who are successfully selling a similar product. Some of these companies have had active advertisements running for an extended period of time, indicating that they have had success in selling the product.

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Store Password: "12345"