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Mens Clothing Store

Mens Clothing Store

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Before you start, we have one important question for you!

Would you absolutely LOVE to make money while you're sleep?

If you said "yes" then why wait any longer to start your journey as an entrepreneur?
Let us do all the taxing work of sourcing products, finding suppliers, and building the online store. Within 24 hours you'll have your store transferred to you and ready to make sales! Thats only 24 hours. There has never been a better time to jumpstart your career than now! 
Overall Cost:
A few upsides to Dropshipping are the low overhead cost and the low barrier to entry. In contrast to the traditional retail business model, you are not required to stock any physical products yourself. Although, of course you will still have some small fees to cover before you start. Here's a list we've laid out for you to view (some are optional but highly recommended in starting).

  •  Fully customized site with 10-15 products: $125 Flat Rate
  •  Shopify Basic Plan: $29/month
  •  Custom Logo: $25 (Optional)
  •  Domain Registration: $20 (Optional)
  •  Currency Converter Plugin: $20 (Optional)
What will you receive?
  •  Fully built Shopify store
  •  Currency Converter (optional)
  •  Custom Domain (optional)
  •  Custom Logo (optional)
  •  10-15 products 
Why Choose Us?
You're in good hands! We're Shopify partners with experience with running profitable Shopify Stores. We take care of all the stress and uncertainty of starting your new, brave journey as an entrepreneur. Just pick your niche and get started!

Accepted payments on your store:
Apple Pay, Google Pay, Paypal, Credit/Debit Card
Your customers have a wide range of options to pay for your products. Allow your customers a quick checkout with Paypal. If they choose to use their card, the payment will be transferred to your bank within 7 days. 
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  • Recieve Your Store in 24 - 48 Hour

    With our expert team of Shopify website developers we make getting starting your online business quick and efficent.

  • Free Revisions

    Need something changed on your store? We can help! Just send us over an email at and we'll resolve your issue as soon as possible. Each store comes with 3 free revisions included after the inital sale.